Stephen King’s “Pet Sematary” Getting Re-Booted?

While doing a bit of digging for a “where are they now?” piece on Miko Hughes, I ran across some interesting information I hadn’t found before on a reboot of Pet Sematary.  First, I landed on the following article (Click Here) that talks about whether it should even be done or not.  Personally, I love Pet Sematary the way it is, bad special effects, flying baby dolls and all, but if CGI can help it look more realistic and in  my mind, scarier, then I say go for it.  The world can always use one more bad SK adaptation to become fodder for the overly opinionated.  Oh, wait, that’s me…

And just to confirm the rumor, I ran over to IMDB.  Since it’s in pre-production and I don’t have IMDBPro, the best I can do is confirm. (Click Here) is not commenting.

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Where are They Now? – Miko Hughes

*QUICK NOTE* The above video interview is not ours. Just found it on YouTube.

We all remember Miko Hughes, even if not by name.  To me, he’s always been better known as “that creepy baby from Pet Sematary.”  While this was an accurate description back in 1989, he is far from creepy now.  Ladies… you might want to find a bucket or something, because this horror icon is all growed up.

Born in 1986, that makes this guy a whopping 25 years old and kind of makes me feel like a perv for thinking he’s hot, although he’s not THAT much younger than me.  I guess it’s the same theory Matt has about Kate Maberly. :)

His filmography consists of pretty solid work on some relatively big name TV shows. Mostly 1 off episodes, but he’s best known for, obviously, his debut in Pet Semetary (’89), Kindergarten Cop (’90) as the kid who’s Dad is a gynecologist, Apollo 13 (’95), Zeus and Roxanne and Spawn (both ’97) and Mercury Rising (’98).  His only movie of any note in the 2000’s was Escape to Grizzly Mountain in 2004 which I didn’t see, I watched enough Grizzly Adams growing up to last a life time. Below is Miko Hughes then and now, and I would not be adverse to doing an interview with him for this blog, if he were to happen to see this.

Miko Hughes as Gage Creed in "Pet Sematary" ('89)

Miko Hughes now... #DidItJustGetWarmInHere

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