Where Are They Now? – Kate Maberly


Kate Maberly as "Dinah" in "The Langoliers" ('95)

I was watching “The Langoliers” over the weekend for the next episode of the Stephen King Movie Club, and got to wondering what some of these actor types are doing now. That lead me, of course, to Google and IMDb. I was looking up the various characters to see what’s going on with them. I thought that my research into these various thespians of the silver screen (or copper screen, I guess, if made for TV) may interest you. So I figured, why not do a weekly segment about it here on the blog.

Whilst browsing the cast of “The Langoliers,” I came across Kate Maberly, who played Dinah (the little blind girl) in “The Langoliers.” My attention was drawn to her for 2 reasons:

  1. Her birthday is the same exact day as my wife’s birthday, March 14, 1982
  2. She is a knockout!

So I guess you could say, she is the first in this series because of my love for my wife, but my keen eye for other hotties. Calm down ladies! I know you’re clambering all over yourself and each other to get at a guy THIS nice, but I am called for. ;)

Now that my feeble attempt at sarcasm via text has gotten your attention, let’s move on.

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“Bag of Bones” Mini-Series Available for Pre-Order

Stephen King’s “Bag of Bones” mini-series is now available for pre-order on Amazon. It is not yet available on iTunes yet, but if you look in the sidebar, you will see a box with the cover and a link to Amazon. Keep watching that box in the future for an iTunes link to show up, and as soon as it’s available, I will put it up.

Pre-Order the “Bag of Bones” mini-series on Amazon

“Bag of Bones” Book: Amazon: Paperback | Amazon: Kindle | iTunes Audiobook | iBooks

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Stephen King Movie Club: Storm of the Century

The description just includes links that are already all over this page, but if you want more info on the Viewing Party, click on the “Stephen King Movie Club” page tab at the top of this page.

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Podcast: The Dark Tower 6: Song of Susannah with Luanne Johnson

Merry Christmas and welcome to another episode of the Stephen King Fancast! Joining me for the discussion portion of this episode  is Luanne Johnson. If you read this blog at all, you’ve seen her articles! I know, I think she’s great too.  She is @MouseyLu on Twitter, so you should probably go “Follow” her… on Twitter, I mean. Please don’t actually follow, stalk or bother her unnecessarily, just on Twitter. :)

I got bored with the old intro, so I made a new one! Did you like it? It’s a mish-mash of the things that comprise my nerdiness, and maybe even a thing or two in there that you’re nerdy about! Did you recognize any of those tunes? I hope there is at least one person out there that can identify all of them.

I have some pretty cool ideas for the Stephen King Fancast, but I can’t do it without you! I need your help to fund everything. I am trying to raise $1100.00 by mid-April so I can re-build the blog, create a mobile app and start a social network for Stephen King Fans! For more info or to make a contribution, please head over to our IndieGoGo page.

In honor of Christmas, I wanted to play a song for you. I chose Paul and Storm’s “Way to Early Christmas Song.” It’s one of my fav P&S tunes and who can’t relate to being in a store in October and hearing Christmas music! I know, it’s Christmas now… but I still like that tune. You can find more info about Paul and Storm, as well as links to purchase their music by visiting their website.

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Matt’s Thoughts on Bag of Bones

*NOTE: I have not read Luanne’s take on the movie yet, and she didn’t even know I was going to write this. Luanne’s is going up right before I put mine up, so our reactions will not be influenced by each other’s reactions.*

Just so you understand where my perspective is coming from, I am pre-empting myself with this short disclaimer. I know that any Stephen King movie adaptation will not live up to the book. That being the case, when I sit down to watch a King adaptation, I try to act like I don’t know the story and that it’s not a King adaptation at all, just a movie I’m watching. I do that because everyone has told me that the movie can destroy the book. Since my introduction to Stephen King was through the movies before the books, I also believe that a book can ruin a good movie. A great example of what I’m saying is “The Shining.” I really like the movie, and don’t want to ruin it by reading the book. Troll me if you must, I won’t read it. Be that as it may, I want to enjoy a good movie without trying to force the movie to stack up against the book.

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Luanne’s Thoughts on Bag of Bones

Artistic License: Take it? Or Leave it?

To quote River Song, “Spoilers.”  I now know what Final Fantasy fans felt like when the movies came out.  I always enjoyed those movies, because I didn’t play the Final Fantasy games.  Now, don’t navigate away from the page, my parents couldn’t afford a console system, so it wasn’t completely my fault.  If you’re reading this blog, you’ll know that I just finished the novel Bag of Bones in preparation for the miniseries.  Having read the book recently enough to remember most of the details, I was severely disappointed with the miniseries.  As a standalone, it would have been amazing.  The cinematography was great, it was action packed (well, the second night anyway), even the special effects were surprisingly above par.   What woman wasn’t drooling when Pierce Brosnan took off his sweaty running jacket?  And guys, Melissa George, girl next door, need I say more?  But as an adaptation of one of Stephen King’s novels, it left a lot to be desired.

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