Podcast: The Dark Tower Wrap-Up with Bryant Burnette

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This episode finds the Honk MahFah himself, Bryant Burnette, and I chatting about what our choices would be, should we get to cast the Dark Tower movies, should they actually be getting made. Matt also reveals a secret casting that he heard about, but probably won’t happen now that production has been delayed. Matt also bounces some ideas off of Bryant about an all nerd culture dream-cast for the Dark Tower movies! Then we get into some talk about the Dark Tower Comics and how they are trying to fill some of the gaps that were left in the Dark Tower books. All you non-Wholigans can tune at after that, because it turns out that both Bryant and I are huge Doctor Who fans! So tighten your scarves or bow ties and hold on to your fezes and sonic screwdrivers, because it’s about to get turbo-nerd in here! Feel free to tune out if you’re not a Whovian, it’s OK. I do know that some of the SK listeners are Doctor Who fans, so I decided to leave this part in.

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Matt’s Review: Stephen King’s “11/22/63″


"11/22/63" Audiobook Cover


I KNOW! The book has been out for over 2 months now, and not only did I just finish the audiobook, but I am just getting around to writing a review.  I know… better late than never. I had to wait until I finished it before I could read other reviews about the book, due to spoilers. So I have been handling my usual sites with kid gloves. That being as it is, I haven’t read any other reviews or listened to the most recent Castle Rock Podcast. I also didn’t want to be swayed by any other reviews I read prior to finishing the book.

Here’s a short synopsis of “11/22/63:”

Jake Epping is shown a wormhole into the past by a friend of his. Jake decides, that he can do some good, and uses the wormhole to drop him into 1958, a set point in time where the wormhole leads. He decides that he will live in this new time stream, temporarily, and will use his future knowledge of events to stop President John F. Kennedy from being assassinated. The tale twists and turns through the rescue of an entire family from, what should be, almost complete devastation at the hands of the family’s estranged father, the rescue of a girl from a hunting accident and Jake’s falling in love with a woman and getting caught up in her ex-husband’s dark delusions. On his way through this journey of time and tribulation, Jake learns that the past doesn’t want to be changed and is “fighting” against him and trying to make sure he doesn’t achieve his goals.

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A/V Round-Up: Stephen King’s “11/22/63″


I am working on a review for “11/22/63″ right now, and thought I would tease that review (I’ll have it up tomorrow morning) with a selection of interesting videos that I found on YouTube that have to do with “11/22/63.” There are a few commercials here, but two of them include King talking about the book, so they are worth while. Also included, TV commercial, a sample from the audiobook and a funny Tuber. Enjoy! -@alloy_matt

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Podcast Artwork for Jeff Lane's "One Way"

I have done a few posts about audiobooks recently, and both of those postings teased a future post about podiobooks. Well, this is that post. This is not going to be like either of those previous posts, by which I mean there will not be a top 5 list. I will give a few recommendations on podiobooks I enjoyed greatly, however, so if you were looking for where to start, this will be informative. The reason for this format change, will be explained later on in this post. For now, let’s move right on to the subject of podiobooks.

What is a podiobook?  The word podiobook comes from the combination of two words and worlds. Simply put, a podiobook is an audiobook, done in podcast format. So instead of going out and purchasing an entire audiobook and listening to it, the audiobook is recorded (generally by the author) and self-published as a podcast, around an hour a week. These can be available via iTunes or straight RSS feed. That covers the definition of a podiobook, in a nutshell.

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Stephen King’s “Mile 81″ Now Available as an Audiobook

"Mile 81" Audiobook

I am a big fan of audiobooks (as you should have guessed by now) and I have a new one to add to my collection.

Stephen King’s “Mile 81,” previously only available as an e-book,  is now available as an audiobook. I am really happy about this considering I don’t own an e-reader yet, (saving for an iPad) and so I couldn’t partake in the wonderfulness of this book. Now I can! It has been added to the Amazon and iTunes stores, as of yesterday, and will be added to the Audible line-up very soon as well. It’s well priced at $9.95 (iTunes) and I don’t think I’ll bother waiting for Audible to make it available, I’ll just grab it there. Grab yourself a copy (audio or e-book) and let me know what your thoughts are on it.

Mile 81: Audio: Amazon | Audio: iTunes | E-Book: Kindle | E-Book: iBooks

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Where Are They Now? – Kate Maberly


Kate Maberly as "Dinah" in "The Langoliers" ('95)

I was watching “The Langoliers” over the weekend for the next episode of the Stephen King Movie Club, and got to wondering what some of these actor types are doing now. That lead me, of course, to Google and IMDb. I was looking up the various characters to see what’s going on with them. I thought that my research into these various thespians of the silver screen (or copper screen, I guess, if made for TV) may interest you. So I figured, why not do a weekly segment about it here on the blog.

Whilst browsing the cast of “The Langoliers,” I came across Kate Maberly, who played Dinah (the little blind girl) in “The Langoliers.” My attention was drawn to her for 2 reasons:

  1. Her birthday is the same exact day as my wife’s birthday, March 14, 1982
  2. She is a knockout!

So I guess you could say, she is the first in this series because of my love for my wife, but my keen eye for other hotties. Calm down ladies! I know you’re clambering all over yourself and each other to get at a guy THIS nice, but I am called for. ;)

Now that my feeble attempt at sarcasm via text has gotten your attention, let’s move on.

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Stephen King Fancast- The Dark Tower 7 with Bob LeDrew of the Kingcast

I am joined on this episode by Bob Ledrew from the Kingcast! I have been wanting to do a collabo episode with Bob for a while, and couldn’t see a better episode to have him on. We are both Dark Tower nerds and I am stoked that he was willing to join me. We got into DT movie casting just a bit, so those of you that are waiting for all that should enjoy it.

This is not the final Dark Tower episode, but almost. The Next episode will be dealing with the Dark Tower Comics and some of the DT Movie stuff. So if you want to co-host that episode with me, hit me up! Especially the comic book stuff. (Maybe Bryant from Honk Muh-Fuh wants to join me for movie talk via Skype?)

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