Problems with the Stephen King Fancast and the Stephen King Movie Club


This blog is something that I greatly enjoy doing. The podcasts are really my pride and joy, because I do not consider myself a writer, but a podcaster. There are many people that enjoy the podcasts (Stephen King Fancast and Stephen King Movie Club) that are produced and offered, free of charge by this blog, and I would like to take a minute out of your day to be very unseemly and beg for help.

I have recently ran into problems with the service I use to host my podcasts. It has come to my attention that Mevio, my hosting service, has been suspending many podcasters’ hosting accounts, and not providing information as to why this action was taken, or how to correct the situation. You may have noticed that on Saturday, when a new episode of the Stephen King Movie Club was supposed to be released, that it was not. It still hasn’t been released. This is not my doing. The episode is recorded, edited and ready to go. I have not been allowed to upload the episode to my hosting service, Mevio. I have tried to communicate with Mevio about this problem via email and I have not heard back.

With all that being said, I feel I must switch hosting providers. The cost of getting a new podcast hosting provider is somewhere in the neighborhood of $30 a month or $360 a year. That is not a lot of money, but I would like to see if you would be willing to contribute to the future of these podcasts. I do have paypal, so if you would be interested, you can contribute by sending funds to

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The Stephen King Fancast is Available on Stitcher Podcast Radio

For those of you that are unaware of Stitcher, I want to take a minute to tell you about the service and how it works. Stitcher is an app for mobile devices (Android phones and tablets, iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch or BlackBerry) that allows you to stream podcasts from the app. No downloading, just fire up the app and start listening to podcasts! I am super stoked to be affiliated with Stitcher, and that the podcast is available on this fine service! Should you be interested in checking out the podcast without bothering with subscribing on iTunes, Zune or via an RSS reader then you can download the app by either clicking on the link below or by scanning the QR Code below with a barcode scanner app on your phone! When you hit the link or scan the code with your phone, it will take you to Stitcher’s app download page. You will see the option to enter a promo code, and if you enter the code “STEPHENKINGFAN” then the Stephen King Fancast will automatically be added to your favorites list and your mobile device will ping you whenever a new episode is posted! That’s not all though, entering the code will also enter you into a drawing to win a $100 cash card from Stitcher!

Little much all at once? That’s OK, I’ll break it down a little simpler. Here’s how you listen to the Stephen King Fancast on your mobile device with Stitcher:

  1. Click the link or scan the code below
  2. Enter “STEPHENKINGFAN” in the promo code box
  3. Enter your email address in the box provided
  4. Click “Get Download Link” and the app will be emailed to your phone
  5. Click the “Install” link to download the free app

I just went through and did it now to make sure everything is working and I was listening to the show on my iPhone in less than two minutes. There are tons of great podcasts available on Stitcher, so it will be worth your time.

Get started on Stitcher by clicking the link or scanning the code below!

Stephen King Fancast on Stitcher

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Joe Hill’s “Locke and Key” Comic Nominated for Best Comic of 2011 by IGN

Teaser trailer for IGN’s Best of 2011 Awards

As a comic book fan, I really enjoy Joe Hill‘s “Locke & Key” series. I get them in THB (that means Trade HardBack, for all you non-comic nerds) as soon as they come out. As a Joe Hill fan and a Stephen King fan, I am pleased to say that “Locke & Key” has been nominated for IGN’s Best of 2011 Awards! Take a minute to head over to IGN’s site and give “Locke & Key” your votes!


Purchase “Locke & Key” THB on Amazon: Vol. 1: Welcome to Lovecraft | Vol. 2: Head Games | Vol. 3: Crown of Shadows | Vol. 4: Keys to the Kingdom

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Stephen King Raises Funds to Help Pay Heating Costs in Maine

Stephen King announced last month that his foundation would match up to $70,000 if the listeners of the 3 Bangor area radio stations he owns would match it, making the total donation $140,000.

This fundraising effort exceeded his expectations when an anonymous Californian offered to donate an additional $50,000 if King would match that. King, being a Mainer himself, agreed to the terms, making the total donation $240,000.

This effort apparently came about due to the federal government’s announcement that it would only be contributing $23 Million to heating oil assistance programs, rather than the $55.6 Million that it contributed last winter.

Original Article in Bangor Daily News

Help Us Raise Funds for a New Stephen King Fan Experience

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The Kingcast Episode 22: A Horrorday Gift Guide for King Lovers

Bob LeDrew over at the Kingcast asked Luanne and myself to Skype in to his podcast for a special edition episode he was doing that was all about what to get for the King Fan in your life during this holiday season. It’s a great episode that doesn’t have just our ideas, but also, includes contributions from Marsha DeFilippo, the moderator of the Stephen King Message Boards, David Squyres from the Talk Stephen King Blog and Bob LeDrew, of course. Head over to the Kingcast site and give it a listen, Luanne and I had a lot of fun working with Bob on this! Thanks Bob! :)

Kingcast Episode 22: A Horrorday Gift Guide for King Lovers

Help Us Raise Funds for a New Stephen King Fan Experience

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Excerpt – Dark Tower 4.5: Wind Through the Keyhole

As you may know, King has finished his work on the newest Dark Tower novel called “The Wind Through the Keyhole” and is also being referred to by many as Dark Tower 4.5, because it’s place in the series is between Wizard and Glass and Wolves of the Calla, the 4th and 5th books in the series, respectively. With such a huge following, this Dark Tower Novel is bound to sell like hotcakes!

Well, I have something for you. Call it an early Christmas Present, if you like. You have already seen the picture within this article, I’m sure, and that it part of the present. You are looking at the cover to the Grant Edition of DT4.5. That is not all…

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