Nerd Casting Stephen King’s “The Dark Tower” Movies, Part 2

Wil Wheaton

In the last post on Nerd Casting the Dark Tower, I made some suggestions of who, from Nerd Culture, you could cast as Roland, Eddie, Susannah and Jake. I also promised that I would do another post in the near future covering who I think should be cast to play the parts of Blaine the Mono, Marten Broadcloak (and his aliases) both young and old and Henry Dean. This is that post.

This is a more difficult casting, to me, because Blaine is only a voice and with Marten you have to make sure that the casting transfers well from one generation to another.  You also have to make sure they are of similar nationality, so he doesn’t have an accent when he’s young, and then turn around and not have one when he’s old, or the vice versa, for that matter.  That doesn’t make casting completely impossible, but it does limit the possibilities.

Also, being a part of the Stephen King universe, in my mind, automatically puts you into nerd culture. I don’t think that bears explaining, but a simple explanation would be that I think being a fan of King, well, to the point that I am, is a pretty nerdy thing.

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Nerd Casting “The Dark Tower” Movies, Part 1

"The Dark Tower" by Eredel on Deviant Art (Click the Pic to see profile)

On the most recent episode of the Stephen King Fancast, Bryant and I discussed dream casting “The Dark Tower” movies, and I threw out the possibility of casting the movie completely out of Nerd Culture Stars. I thought this was a fun idea, and decided to expand on the idea in a blog post, for those of you that would be interested in such a thing, but don’t listen to podcasts. That being said, I am going to throw out my nerd culture picks for casting the Dark Tower in a series of posts. I will start with the “current ka’ tet” and I will do some secondary, yet key characters in another post in the near future. This will by no means be a full and complete list, just some of the characters that I think are important to the story as a whole. Personally, I believe that this could be the actual cast of the movie and it would work well.

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