Stephen King Fancast- The Dark Tower 7 with Bob LeDrew of the Kingcast

I am joined on this episode by Bob Ledrew from the Kingcast! I have been wanting to do a collabo episode with Bob for a while, and couldn’t see a better episode to have him on. We are both Dark Tower nerds and I am stoked that he was willing to join me. We got into DT movie casting just a bit, so those of you that are waiting for all that should enjoy it.

This is not the final Dark Tower episode, but almost. The Next episode will be dealing with the Dark Tower Comics and some of the DT Movie stuff. So if you want to co-host that episode with me, hit me up! Especially the comic book stuff. (Maybe Bryant from Honk Muh-Fuh wants to join me for movie talk via Skype?)

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The Kingcast Episode 22: A Horrorday Gift Guide for King Lovers

Bob LeDrew over at the Kingcast asked Luanne and myself to Skype in to his podcast for a special edition episode he was doing that was all about what to get for the King Fan in your life during this holiday season. It’s a great episode that doesn’t have just our ideas, but also, includes contributions from Marsha DeFilippo, the moderator of the Stephen King Message Boards, David Squyres from the Talk Stephen King Blog and Bob LeDrew, of course. Head over to the Kingcast site and give it a listen, Luanne and I had a lot of fun working with Bob on this! Thanks Bob! :)

Kingcast Episode 22: A Horrorday Gift Guide for King Lovers

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