Podcast Artwork for Jeff Lane's "One Way"

I have done a few posts about audiobooks recently, and both of those postings teased a future post about podiobooks. Well, this is that post. This is not going to be like either of those previous posts, by which I mean there will not be a top 5 list. I will give a few recommendations on podiobooks I enjoyed greatly, however, so if you were looking for where to start, this will be informative. The reason for this format change, will be explained later on in this post. For now, let’s move right on to the subject of podiobooks.

What is a podiobook?  The word podiobook comes from the combination of two words and worlds. Simply put, a podiobook is an audiobook, done in podcast format. So instead of going out and purchasing an entire audiobook and listening to it, the audiobook is recorded (generally by the author) and self-published as a podcast, around an hour a week. These can be available via iTunes or straight RSS feed. That covers the definition of a podiobook, in a nutshell.

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